Discovering the leaves of my family tree

When you know where you come from and have the voices and memories of family members, you exude confidence and pride.
This is an activity for your family to capture family history from each family member. It is useful for every generation to understand, appreciate and realize the value of their family history.
Now it’s time to have some fun along this exciting journey. You will learn about your family on a more intimate level. I have thoughtfully and creatively customized this project with your family in mind.  I have provided step by step how you can capture your family stories. All you have to do is enjoy and be amazed at what you learn along the way.
  • A fun way to cultivate heritage education and gain knowledge about health history in the family.
  • The elders in your family get an opportunity to share and encourage the younger generation.
  • Increase ongoing communication and gathering amongst the family.
  • An exciting way to share stories between the generations
  • A great way to spend your time together
  • Ensures that important family stories and events are never lost but captured
  • A family healing tool and used for unanswered family questions
  • We have included instructions, a guide and the template you need to download and get started
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